It is sad to watch this Abbott “Government” lurch from one chaotic episode to the next. Australia deserves better.

Amongst the lunacies of this week, Assistant Minister for Education Sussan Ley sought to claw back money which had been allocated to fund wage increases for lowly-paid childcare workers. The Government cruelly labelled the money as a $300 million Union Slush Fund.

Apparently many Coalition members think that public monies are “slush funds” available for their personal benefit. We know this because records show they have made us pay their day-to-day expenses for trips to weddings, sporting events and the like. Apparently not their problem. The rules, they claim, are ambiguous – although they seem clear enough to me. The rules could only be considered vague only if you lacked a moral compass.

I see even Minister Susan Ley managed to claim at least $1589 to attend just two days of Abbott’s charity bike ride in April 2011.

She justified this raid on the public purse as “Shadow Minister – Official Business”. How she managed to rationalise in her mind a charity bike ride as a legitimate part of her responsibilities of her then role as Shadow Minister for Childcare and Early Childhood Learning totally escapes me. Perhaps she rode a tricycle or had training wheels on. A bit of experiential learning? Or did she call in at childcare centres on the way past to check that the staff were working hard enough?

Also flushed down the gurgler this week have been Holden and the Barrier Reef. Threatening the future of the Barrier Reef is apparently essential in order to repay some of their wealthy supporters.  And did Holden really have to be sent packing because Abbott wanted to be chauffered around in a BMW?